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Just a quick update.

1. My 2018 so far has been, sad. My very dear aunt, who raised us since we were babies, passed away due to ovarian cancer. I have unsettling feeling about it still, about the whole thing which I will write in another post if I feel like it.

2. I hate men who always talk about women who are hot & pretty. Like it's the only thing that legit crucial thing happened to female. Like if they have this brain, it is not that important. If they're pretty, that is what make women legit. It's 2018 for fuck sake.

3. You don't get to be moody if you know firsthand that certain condition can make you moody or cranky. Like, if you don't eat and you're hungry, you get to be moody. Well, "lady", just eat something, you're an adult & you don't need someone to remind you to eat.

I'm still pretty mad about everything else. This is me now, I'm happy but I'm also bitter at the same time. Constant feeling.

Cheers folks.

Recent posts

First post, January post, feels like I needed to post post.

I was watching the Black Mirror season 4 episode 2 on Netflix and then suddenly I feel like I needed to write something, so I paused my binge watching. I put on tunein KIISfm 106.5 Sydney, open new tab and typed blogger.

I don't know why at this moment I had to write it out. I feel really grateful for having someone or some people concern of my well being, even though we didn't really know each other. Not in a weird kind of way, you know when people feel lonely or horny, they find people. But in a way that, "you and I have known the feelings of loneliness or brokenhearted before, so we need each other" kind of way. We kept it at minimum, because expectations kill. So it is better that way.

I think I'm ready to say that KL does not suit me anymore. My friend has said something that makes me think. I wanted to live simply, but KL is just not for my kind of people (minimalist) anymore. I always thought that if you want to live here, you don't have to participate…

End of 2017, fuck yeah!

I tried not to do cliche stuff people do nowadays (oh, i am anyway). 
List of why my 2017 is awesome!
1. COLDPLAY AHFOD Tour 2. Thailand trips 3 times. 3. FREAKING Australia, Melbourne and Sydney!
THANK YOU 2017 for the awesome year! To 2018!
Cheers folks.

My friend asked me to write about him, so here it is.

I won't be telling name. Since I think this guy is quite unique. He liked all my facebook posts which kind of weird at first, but I got used to it so fast. Thinking that it's nothing. Probably he just switched on my posts notification. My mom didn't asked about this one. Last time, there was an Arab guy commented on my facebook post and my mom asked me who he is. laughed out loud.

Anyway, let see if I can write more about this guy. We talked about many kinds of things, places, marriages, procedures on how to convert to Islam, human beings, about female anatomy which he is very interested in. Well, that escalated quickly.

We never met. I don't know why probably the fact that I feel a bit scared. No woman should feel  hostile when going out with a guy isn't it. Or maybe I just couldn't trust myself at this moment going out with random guy that I don't really know. He is cool with it. In fact, he is cool with everything I said. Maybe because he liked me. Well,…

Career & Personal Life

My company has fund problems that it needs to delay our salary 3 to 4 months.

My colleagues and I searched for other jobs, oh my tell me about it, it's really hard to find other jobs these days. I have read about the dying manufacturing industry due to the automation taking over. Well it is about time. Or maybe companies just want to downsize everything.

My colleagues are taking chances when few of them decided to resign even when they
have no other offer letter in hands. They may have the offer letters that they don't want to inform people about, but I will still say that it is a very risky decision to take.

While many of us just opt in to stay even though the salary has not been fully paid yet. I guess we don't have any choice.

I went back to Sarawak when the company announced to work from home last month. It was the best 2 weeks of my life since I work in 2013. I finally able to do house chores when I feel like I'm not forced. It was great working as maid for my par…

More on Melbourne Trip

I just remembered.

The moments when my brother was driving throughout the Great Ocean Road, after Maghrib. After we had lunch/dinner at Iluka Restaurant in Apollo Bay. Superb halal restaurant and the Seafood Platter and the Chicken Platter were the best!

The journey through GOR was breathtakingly amazing. Even though it is almost night, by the way sunset was about at 5.30 PM, the coastal road filled with the sound of waves and the Spotify playlist that we listened to.

The thing that I remembered about that journey was the houses by the sea shore. We could see clearly that most of these houses don't have any curtain or blinds. Or maybe they just open the blinds and expose to everything. Grasp! Couldn't imagine the views from these house during the day, when the sun is up to light up that side of the ocean, the Great Australian Bight.

Couldn't take pictures though, I was too tired and the low light setting from the phone and my gopro aren't that good either.

I will come …

Coldplay AHFOD tour & Australia - Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney Trip 2017

Every small things that I remember from both of these trips.

1. Listening to local radio fm while driving from Melbourne to Canberra to Sydney.
2. Breakfast moments in Bangkok with my best friends. We had nice morning talk.
3. Using "ojek"/moped (like a true "rempit", Bangkok style) to this Big C shopping mall in Ramkhamhaeng District before going to Rajamangala Stadium for Coldplay concert.
4. Running in a 8 degree weather at 11pm while it's raining near Melbourne CBD, East Melbourne. Checking in after hours is the worst. Lesson learned.
5. Checking in the Canberra and greeted by a sweet old man who is the caretaker of Canberra Carotel Motel at 9pm with below 10 degree Celsius. After hours check in needs to go to the caretaker's house. Again. Lesson learned.
5. Confetti and lights in Coldplay concert. It was a very well prepared tour. The numbers of songs are just amazing. This is thus by far, the best concert I have ever been in my 29 years of life.
6. Using Ube…