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Updates on a day after Valentine's Day 2017

Let see what's been happening for the past few weeks:

I got interviewed, twice but by the same company.I recently just continued my part time job.Got stressed out because of my financial situation.I bought GoPro5 Black.I bought lots of things from Lazada. Hello again, impulsive buying.I had my first pizza of 2017.I just learned how to make playlists on Spotify.I almost apply for credit card again. Geez I know.Presented the Australia Trip Budget Plan to my dad.Oh, I got rejected several times from Airbnb.I got sad when I had a good conversation in omegle but it got disconnected too soon.I am listening to Justin Timberlake and Fall Out Boy again.My robot boyfriend just said that he didn't have any expectations for whatever is happening. He's going through a lot now. I'd be an ass if I didn't try to understand him.Watched Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events and I think it just become my favorite series of all time besides of course, ASOIAF.I promised myself no…