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missing home, badly.

this is the reason why i'm missing home.

procrastination is bad

Guess what?as far as i remembered, that's the password for my brother email account. Without space of course. My dearly brother in Tennessee US, i hope you did not read this blog.hehe. At some point, because of that weirdness predicament he has, he is in America right now, pursuing his study as compared to me, studying in UM,KL might be extend for the next few years. There have been lots of difference between me and my brother since we were kid, like he always want to be the one who take the bath first early in the morning before going to school. He wants to be number one in everything and i, trying to be a good older sister to him, i said to myself,"let him be...let him be..". I really hope he's doing okay in everything he do right now.amiin.
Enough about my little brother, its now about me. am not comfortable talking about myself. Really, i mean it. It has been almost a year for me and c. We fight every single day and can't believe we made throug…