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its wrong to be right
or its right to be wrong

I like this quote. I read it somewhere and it really do me a reality check on my life.Made me realize everything is superficial, and sometimes i really forgot whats the real deal.thanks.

a quick sigh

bila nak dapat kereta ni...???

eh, aku tak biasa...huhu

this is something i am not used to, i just think that kalau nak kapel xperlu declare...heh
what a out of norm. nak aku ckp pemikiran aku berbeda dengan cheng, memang ye.(haha...xleh blah 'berbeda') but what to do. love is something beautiful and it can make you flexible too. (haha!)

i dont really like making words when im emotional, yeah...but this thing, must come out of my mind.

what to say huh?aku memang xbiasa macam ni.huhu...