Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a car...next...?

i cant find any time yet to take a pic of my car.midterms crashing this week and next week.plus, its always raining here in KL.(susah nak tangkap gambar la time hujan...hu)

my odometer has gone for 600++ for just 5 days.(mana la aku pegi ni...KL, biasala.selalu sesat.heh)...naah, just flashing my car around the city, walaupun hanya viva elite.ngehh...

talking about midterms, i just had thermofluid this evening, vector this thursday, and ergonomics next thursday. i gotta strive hard for this, so that i can get my ptptn(that effin ptptipu) back and help my parents to pay my car.yeay!!!

lets contrive f!!!