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im an emo person. yes, its true.
Probably you want to hear a story from me right,on what leads to my emotional sensitive feelings; or you dont want to hear it just go away, close the tab now! screw you.
So, here are the reasons;

Im tired of being someone else's amusement. Situation: the reason we hang on to someone is to share the bitterness and sweetness of life right, this particular person makes me feel like im used. I just wonder which part i didnt do it right, and does that really makes you think that i dont deserve to be well treated?think.I dont think I manage to please everyone. Situation: Like seriously, that's a fucking loser when you try to please everyone. Have some mercy to ourself heh?Lack of getaway or some escapades lately. Situation: For me, I see travelling is important, adapting to different environment is a good way to search our true inner self. I dont know where else to go since i dont have companion and enough MONEY to do the travelling.Money. Situation: To…

problems of life

I don't know where to begin this post, but this one thing bugs me for weeks. It started when someone and god knows what she had done it "purposely" or "accidentally", read my messages in my handphone inbox, and after that emotionally updating her status update (intentionally for me) for like several days. Yes. I know may be one of you know this "reader" but it just cant get out of my system that the fact that she, had read my inbox(my personal stuff) purposely or or what we called "suka2". Fuck. Is she crazy?  or am I crazy? The reasons that i know the status was about me are;i) she talked about something that was ONLY slipped through my inbox, because me and my boyfriend never do KISS and TELL to anyone. (yeah.i dare u to ask anyone around us.duhh) ii)that night she read my inbox, a message from a friend is opened before im fucking open it and read it myself in the morning. iii)i just have THE INSTINCT. haha...
but what really bugs me are

missing home, badly.

this is the reason why i'm missing home.

procrastination is bad

Guess what?as far as i remembered, that's the password for my brother email account. Without space of course. My dearly brother in Tennessee US, i hope you did not read this blog.hehe. At some point, because of that weirdness predicament he has, he is in America right now, pursuing his study as compared to me, studying in UM,KL might be extend for the next few years. There have been lots of difference between me and my brother since we were kid, like he always want to be the one who take the bath first early in the morning before going to school. He wants to be number one in everything and i, trying to be a good older sister to him, i said to myself,"let him be...let him be..". I really hope he's doing okay in everything he do right now.amiin.
Enough about my little brother, its now about me. am not comfortable talking about myself. Really, i mean it. It has been almost a year for me and c. We fight every single day and can't believe we made throug…