Tuesday, August 24, 2010

problems of life

I don't know where to begin this post, but this one thing bugs me for weeks. It started when someone and god knows what she had done it "purposely" or "accidentally", read my messages in my handphone inbox, and after that emotionally updating her status update (intentionally for me) for like several days. Yes. I know may be one of you know this "reader" but it just cant get out of my system that the fact that she, had read my inbox(my personal stuff) purposely or or what we called "suka2". Fuck. Is she crazy?  or am I crazy? The reasons that i know the status was about me are;i) she talked about something that was ONLY slipped through my inbox, because me and my boyfriend never do KISS and TELL to anyone. (yeah.i dare u to ask anyone around us.duhh) ii)that night she read my inbox, a message from a friend is opened before im fucking open it and read it myself in the morning. iii)i just have THE INSTINCT. haha...
but what really bugs me are
i)my stuff arent safe anymore.someone might go through them anytime like fucking ANYTIME. and it scares me dowh...
ii)am i crazy? because i cant accept the fact that she had read my inbox.god knows how many times she had done it before...ggggrrrr
iii)am i that crazy or is she crazy?aiyooyooo...
maybe im just too ignorance, and she's craving for my attention or maybe im just too good to be true.hahaha..
okeyh, dah. ngantuk.
staying up late making me like zombie nowadays. 
cheers, fellas. oyeah, this is only between us aight?hahahaha....
p/s pardon me for my ignorance grammatical errors. huhu

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