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it's me or it's him?

realistic. he is so realistic. he don't even want to go out when he's running out of i'm living in my fantasy land. I spent too much money on stuff even though i'm broke.
things are so different between us. i feel like i want to share all the thoughts that i made but i'm not the type who kiss and tell in relationship problems. sometimes it maybe looked like a failure but we are not what people think we are, i know we're going strong. i look at my life positively will always have positive mind on everything. wish he was too, but i know it's not going to be easy for me. life's unfair. it always have been. i'm used to it. there's nothing you can do about it, you just have to get through everything and be wiser.
pardon me of my emotional entry. just a quick bite on my fantasy land. but guess what? he is my dream. sweet dreams, beautiful nightmares, they are all just the same as long as i have positive perspective on it.
btw, when i was thinki…

the excruciating reality

as i was checking my fb on regular basis yesterday, my high school friend, roystance has made some reality check statement in his status update.

'never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.'

he made his point. i like, i like, i like. but what kind of person can be labeled as an idiot really?its subjective.

nevertheless, i really need to reconstruct myself and focus on my life. i believe we all have to.
(except for the lovestruck im feeling now, cant get him out my head =))

thats all folks.

\m/ incubus rocks!!heh..


i cant find any time yet to take a pic of my car.midterms crashing this week and next, its always raining here in KL.(susah nak tangkap gambar la time

my odometer has gone for 600++ for just 5 days.(mana la aku pegi ni...KL, biasala.selalu sesat.heh)...naah, just flashing my car around the city, walaupun hanya viva elite.ngehh...

talking about midterms, i just had thermofluid this evening, vector this thursday, and ergonomics next thursday. i gotta strive hard for this, so that i can get my ptptn(that effin ptptipu) back and help my parents to pay my car.yeay!!!

lets contrive f!!!


its wrong to be right
or its right to be wrong

I like this quote. I read it somewhere and it really do me a reality check on my life.Made me realize everything is superficial, and sometimes i really forgot whats the real deal.thanks.

a quick sigh

bila nak dapat kereta ni...???

eh, aku tak biasa...huhu

this is something i am not used to, i just think that kalau nak kapel xperlu declare...heh
what a out of norm. nak aku ckp pemikiran aku berbeda dengan cheng, memang ye.(haha...xleh blah 'berbeda') but what to do. love is something beautiful and it can make you flexible too. (haha!)

i dont really like making words when im emotional, yeah...but this thing, must come out of my mind.

what to say huh?aku memang xbiasa macam ni.huhu...

for c

thanks for making my days lovable and sweet!

i like c, c likes me. we're taking care of each other.

he's my best friend. and i love him.

(did that answer your question dear?)



went to pd. with b and y. (both great fellas, never asked where we headed, just followed.hahaha)

met one gorgeous peep, a friend of c's. he told us everything about camera. he has some great stories too. that's why we worship you p. (hahaha)

will be waiting for c this evening, for a slice of cheesecake. he said he's going to treat me that. :P

super exhausted and sleepy.

cheers fellas!!(im going to sleep now)

you belong with me

she such a sweetheart :)

i woke up this morning, feeling alone. technically i AM alone. (hehe..)
wish i could have someone to accompany me.

enough with the loneliness. girl, get a life.

i don't have plans for today. i mean it. but maybe later at the evening, im going to get a slice of blueberry cheesecake for myself. (dear God, i'm grateful for secret recipe is less than 1km from my place). oh, its just so pathetic. imagining myself will be alone on my birthday's eve.

but who the hell care. its just another day. birthday sucks. i don't get presents from my parents anymore. (geez)

maybe i will go clubbing sometimes. really? shit. clubbing isn't really my thing though.

beaches adore me a lot. and i adore beaches a lot more. what am i crapping here?
i miss hanging out with my friends at the beach, that's all. *sigh*

i'm not in the mood of sharing anything today. (perghh, who asked for it anyway?)

i will get better, soon. i believe.

cheers fellas!

pardon me

one of my favorite songs from incubus. the lyric is very catchy at most times. (people bursting out always, don't they?)

i can't describe how much i worship incubus for their masterpieces. they are the coolest band, dude. seriously. the lyrics of their songs are not just wordy, but (heh,ada perkataan wordy ke) amazingly capture the lost souls like mine. i'm in love with these guys for about 8-9 years.

pardon me for my trashy words. (girl, how many times you use the word 'trashy'?geez..).

and back to my craziness for incubus, i have one wish. please, someone could send me incubus on my birthday and play all my favorite songs. and, that someone, will be granted on something that can be negotiable. (heh, thats all?).

i know i'm a very humble person (perghh). that is the least i can wish for my birthday (huhu) :)

someone, please.


i don't really think i am matured enough think so?neahh.i don't think so.

but that's not the point.wait, how come my towel smells like ***? shit.

this blog is supposed to be an anonymous blog. i cant tell those shits here. girl,i think u are forgotten that there will always be a stalker among your friends who tries very hard to find the blog of yours wondering if you write anything about them.

eh, its me.

next point, this blog must contain no trashy stuff like any other trashy blogs. define trashy.
yes, i am going to write it anyway. its inevitable okay? :D

the only reason i blog is to kill my boredom. not more than that. mind that fellas.

if you want to see me naked inside my room please click here.

screw you. its just my twitter.

that is all for the moment.


the not so fresh beginning

1st of all, i broke up with my 2 years comment.
2ndly,i need a new car.

before that, this girl is trying so hard thinking how to save money that she spent almost 1k per month.(rolling on the bed, sighing, and crapping about it all the time with her friends, yes, its not working)

my mom wont let me get a new car, trust me. (she cant trust her daughter, i think.)

i have been missing my old friends.yes,i really do.

and...mostly, my little sister.she's 12 years old and i am going to be 21 years old very soon.

and yes, this is the latest post after 2 years.