Thursday, November 17, 2016

Im an engineer now, 28 years old & not married

Well, the last post was 6 years ago in 2010.

A lot has been happening.

Fast forward, I am living my life happier than before. No more crying in the middle of the night, no more emotional posts on things that don't deserve to be in my mind. I am more calm right now. Even though the reasons that I want to start blogging again is because of my work, as an engineer in my company.

I have achieved great things in the past 2 3 years & also the very same achievements shattered by one conservative old fella who thinks he still got what it takes to have an engineering company. No hard feelings(well, at first I have, but got over it fast) on the way baby boomers think about managing young people like me together with conservatives like him. Just like American politics, liberal & democrats are just two different group of people and will not mix. Not sure whether it is relevant at this point, but yeah, having a difficult boss at work, we're all been there.

I also learn a few things about friendships in the past years. That the kind of people that truly get you only come once in a lifetime, and you better pay attention because they're not going to last long in your life. It hurts at first, seeing the people you care, slowly moving on with their life, leave. Now that I am used to it, goodbyes are hurtful, yes, but also they make you appreciate good times that are spent together. Makes you think that it is all about living in the present.

I don't question anymore why men behave like the way they behave. If he's not for you, then he's not. No rush about it. It's not like I don't care whether I'm getting married or not, but you can't just push people. I have tried so hard in a few relationships and they just don't work. And that, make me think to work on things that I can control, like the things that I love. Not people.

For example, travelling. I like travelling. I like going to new places and getting to know local people. Favorite people, the Thais. We're going to Thailand every year now. My best friend has this addiction going there and spend a week relaxing and I kinda dig the idea. There is so much things that I wanted to write, all my happiness, all my sadness, frustrations and disappointments. Well maybe for other time. I need to start writing again.

Anna F.