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Im an engineer now, 28 years old & not married

Well, the last post was 6 years ago in 2010.

A lot has been happening.

Fast forward, I am living my life happier than before. No more crying in the middle of the night, no more emotional posts on things that don't deserve to be in my mind. I am more calm right now. Even though the reasons that I want to start blogging again is because of my work, as an engineer in my company.

I have achieved great things in the past 2 3 years & also the very same achievements shattered by one conservative old fella who thinks he still got what it takes to have an engineering company. No hard feelings(well, at first I have, but got over it fast) on the way baby boomers think about managing young people like me together with conservatives like him. Just like American politics, liberal & democrats are just two different group of people and will not mix. Not sure whether it is relevant at this point, but yeah, having a difficult boss at work, we're all been there.

I also learn a few things…