Thursday, September 30, 2010


im an emo person. yes, its true.
Probably you want to hear a story from me right,on what leads to my emotional sensitive feelings; or you dont want to hear it just go away, close the tab now! screw you.
So, here are the reasons;

  • Im tired of being someone else's amusement. Situation: the reason we hang on to someone is to share the bitterness and sweetness of life right, this particular person makes me feel like im used. I just wonder which part i didnt do it right, and does that really makes you think that i dont deserve to be well treated?think.
  • I dont think I manage to please everyone. Situation: Like seriously, that's a fucking loser when you try to please everyone. Have some mercy to ourself heh?
  • Lack of getaway or some escapades lately. Situation: For me, I see travelling is important, adapting to different environment is a good way to search our true inner self. I dont know where else to go since i dont have companion and enough MONEY to do the travelling.
  • Money. Situation: To survive decently in KL, yes, I mean DECENTLY, where you can good food and good place to stay, money is really fucking important man. without it, you'll be like trash or "bohsia", because you want to enjoy at the same time. well at least, for "anak perantauan" like me.haha
  • Its hard to find a really nice guy eh? Situation: When u get treated badly, you wish on how you could find a really nice guy to treat you nicely, do everything for you. yeah, dream on. Even if you (guys) didnt touch your girl but doing infidelity behind her back, that is not fucking nice ok.
  • I kinda have this urge to be a downloader again, but the internet kills the mood like fucking annoying. Situation: Imagine you already have bunch of files that already have 99% downloaded parts, and for a second, connection time out. or cant connect to the server. FFFUUUUUUU! im so in d mood of HIMYM season 6 and this is what the internet gave me??????FFFUUUUUUUUUUU! 
ok, now you know why im a bit emotional these days. now PLEASE, let me be myself this time...
you know who you are. 

ok, thats all, fellas.